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Trybe tv guide

trybe tv guide

Twenty-six years after his death, Gram Parsons has hit critical mass. Tribute shows have been surfacing up and down the West Coast, from Slim's to Joshua Tree, where Parsons overdosed and his friends torched his body in Now Beck, Lucinda Williams and other outstanding talents have contributed cover versions of Parsons' songs for this tribute album, in stores Tuesday.

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It's at least the third Parsons tribute in recent years, and it's by far the best. Although he thoroughly rerouted the sound of the Byrds when he joined that landmark group "Sweethearts of the Rodeo"Parsons wasn't widely celebrated in life.

But his paradoxical vision of redneck music for hippie spirits -- he called it "cosmic American music" -- laid the groundwork for some of the biggest successes of the '70s, including the Eagles, the Stones' "Wild Horses" and the entire alternative-country community of the '90s. There can be no question that his style has reached a peak: K-Tel just released a two-disc "alt.

Parsons' protege, the elegant Emmylou Harristhrew herself into "Return of the Grievous Angel," which was named for Parsons' posthumous solo album. She's the executive producer, and she harmonizes on several cuts, with Beck, Sheryl Crow and the Pretenders ' Chrissie Hynde.

Highland Rugby lives on despite abrupt end

Alongside her on the easygoing "Sin City," Beck sounds warbly and sinusy. But his genius for stylistic appropriation -- not to mention his penchant for fringed, Parsons-style Vegas wear -- makes him a perfect candidate for the tribute.

Another ideal contributor is the Mavericks, whose version of "Hot Burrito 1" is the pick of the litter. Despite the silly title courtesy of the Flying Burrito BrothersParsons' band with fellow ex- Byrd Chris Hillmanthe song is Parsons' most affecting love song. And Raul Malo's hefty baritone serves it well. The track is underscored by a lightly clattering rhythm track that might sound trendy in other hands but works wonderfully here.

Another is Uncle Tupelo, the defunct southern Illinois band that still defines the alt. One hundred years from now, Parsons may be all but forgotten.

Then again, he might be revered as one of the true originals of rock's first few decades. He sure seems to have believed it himself. Such self- confidence, of course, is one of the greatest assets a performer can have.

While most of their classmates from the school of hip- hop have faded into oblivion, producer DJ Premier and MC Guru of Gang Starr have held strong, recording consistently timeless hip- hop. Their wonderful track double CD "Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr," in stores Tuesday, boasts many of the great tracks from the duo's illustrious five-album career, plus a few new cuts. The latter, a heartfelt homage to the roots of jazz culled from Spike Lee 's "Mo' Better Blues" soundtrack, earned the group a limiting tag: "hip-hop beboppers.

It's true that DJ Premier has a knack for weaving subtle samples and scratches of jazz-derived bass lines and horns into his simple, hypnotic beats, all of which perfectly complements Guru's smooth, battle-style rhyming. But Gang Starr transcends categorization. The group compares with the greats of jazz in that, unlike most of today's forgettable hip-hop, Gang Starr will be remembered.

The Joys Go On for Miles

It is hard to fault Ziggy Marley of for bearing an uncanny musical resemblance to his father, the late reggae icon Bob Marley. Covering two of his songs -- "You Got My Love All Day All Night " and "High Tide or Low Tide" -- on their latest album, however, suggests Ziggy and the Melody Makers have abandoned any hope of establishing an identity of their own, despite some promising strides at the beginning of the decade.

The group wastes no time recycling dependable reggae themes on tracks such as "One Good Spliff" and "Jah Will Be Done," while dredging up the same rhythmic equations his father perfected and moved beyond more than two decades ago. The result is something like Julian Lennon fronting Oasis, and just as pointless.

Give credit to Don Was for a career-salvaging production job. Injecting a certain sense of vitality and warmth into the music, especially on the covers and the revelatory "Many Waters," Was rescues the Melody Makers from a place on the casino-and-cruise-ship circuit.

For now.So call it synergy if you want, but this thing is likely to sell-out fast. If TDE really is taking notes from OVO Fest and a handful of other hip-hop tours that follow its format, there are likely to be some surprises, too. February 1. Doors 9 pm.

February 3. February 5. February Doors 7 pm. Dwayne Gretzky: 3 Days. March 9. March April 1. April 3. April 4. April 5. April 6 show added, on sale January April April 8. May 5. May 8. May Doors 4 pm, all ages. June 1. On sale January July May 4. May 7. June 5. June 8. Doors pm, all ages. June July 3. On sale February 2. August August 9. By NOW Staff. The Queen West queer bar will not reopen in its current location, but staff hope to open elsewhere eventually.Seven years after his death, jazz trumpet titan Miles Davis continues to affect the music world.

Several tribute projects are currently under way, ranging from chanteuse Cassandra Wilson 's Jazz at Lincoln Center commission "Traveling Miles" to eclectic guitarist Henry Kaiser 's upcoming "Yo!

Miles" celebration of '70s electric Davis, featuring a cast that includes keyboardist John Medeski.

trybe tv guide

Also dealing with '70s Davis will be next month's "Panthalassa" project from Bill Laswell, consisting of new mixes and reconstructions of music from that controversial period. Davis reissues have been abundant, including last year's first-time- on-CD series of live dates, which featured "Black Beauty," his concert at Fillmore West in San Francisco.

trybe tv guide

But the most anticipated reissue of the Davis catalog, "The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings ," featuring his second legendary quintet, finally arrived in record stores last week after several delays.

It's been worth the wait. The digitally remixed and remastered box set is a six-CD gold mine of material with Davis leading, and often taking the lead from, his extraordinary band.

Keyboardist Herbie Hancocktenor saxophonist Wayne Shorterbassist Ron Carter and drummer Tony Williams were all young and relatively inexperienced at the time, yet destined for greatness. This package chronologically follows the release of the brilliant eight-CD box "The Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel ," which captured Davis and his quintet delivering master classes in the fine art and magical alchemy of jazz improvisation.

While those live dates focused on the leader's '50s and early '60s playbook, the new reissue exhibits this incredibly gifted ensemble launching into exciting new material. The first three discs contain Davis' classic acoustic albums, "E. The next three find him taking his first steps into the electronic realm on tracks from such albums as "Miles in the Sky" and "Filles de Kilimanjaro.

The leader's abstract, deeply personal playing commands center stage as he sketches around the fringes of the melodies -- yearning, wailing, musing, lamenting and singing on his trumpet -- and paints moods that range from smoky blue melancholy to vermilion exuberance. Equally captivating are the contributions of all the quintet members -- especially Hancock as he begins to experiment with various electric keyboard sounds.

They thrive in these highly creative studio settings. This was one of Davis' most fertile periods, a time when his music was evolving from the acoustic sphere into a free-form jazz fusion approach.

Well known for his refusal to stand pat, Davis is documented here at his ingenious best while on the threshold of yet another new adventure. In the past two years, Dan Bern has generated a considerable buzz in both the folk community and the music biz at large.

With his pumped-up physique, baggy flannel shirt, floppy shorts and outsize acoustic guitar, he looks like an unnaturally healthy Gen-X street-cor ner busker, but his tuneful free-form rants, which cover subjects like Kurt Cobain 's suicide, alien abduction and the everyday trials of true love, mark him as an original. Many critics have called him the " next Dylan ," a dubious compliment that has sunk many promising newcomers over the years. While Bern's vocals can be marked by a snarling sarcasm that does bring Dylan's early work to mind, his strong, pop-flavored melodies are as much new wave and postpunk as they are folk.

Bern also has an unbridled sense of the absurd and a compassionate heart that brings a ray of light to even his darkest tunes, a talent many of his more nihilistic peers would do well to emulate. Bern opens "50 Eggs," his second outing, due in stores Wednesday, praising his gonads, which he says are "as big as grapefruits, as big as pumpkins. Other standout tracks include "Chick Singers," a toast to the women who are currently threatening the industry's male hegemony; "Different Worlds," a meditation on racism that rides a goofy marching- band rhythm; and "Oh Sister," a poignant portrait of his relationship with an older sister who helped smooth his entry into the mysterious world of young adulthood.

Melancholy, rage and faint rays of hope share space on Dirty Three's new "Ocean Songs," due in stores Tuesday. A two-CD instrumental classical-country-rock song cycle, "Ocean Songs" chronicles how it might feel to be lost at sea with no land, or sign of rescue, in sight.

The song titles on "Ocean Songs" -- "Sirena, "Black Tide, "Cast Adrift" -- evoke an awe of the sea that harks back centuries, to a time when men embarked on years- long voyages in leaky wooden ships, fearing monsters and the edges of a flat earth.

Guitarist Mick Turner whose paintings of mermaids and ocean swells adorn the CD bookletpercussionist-drummer Jim White and violist-violinist-pianist Warren Ellis mine the depths of their instruments' passion, creating long, haunting songs that don't need words to express the vast bounty and inevitable loss of the sea.

Most of "Ocean Songs" moves slowly, drawing out chords and melodies to their most plaintive lengths.

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The one exception is "To Aster!The world knows her because of her acting as well as her singing talents, as she has featured in a number of films, TV series and musicals, which became the main source of her net worth. She has been an active member of the entertainment industry since Have you ever wondered how rich Rosario Dawson is? Rosario was born when her mother was only 16 years old, and single; however her mother married Greg Dawson, who raised Rosario as her own daughter.

During the s Dawson became one of the main cast in films that turned out to be a major successes, increasing her net worth and also her popularity.

When it comes to her private life, Rosario has been recognized as an activist, fighting for Latino rights, organizing the Voto Latino movement — encouraging Latinos to become more active as voters. She is also a member of a number of humanitarian organizations such as Global Cool, Oxfam and others.

To speak about her love life, as of she is in a relationship with the producer Danny Boyle. One of her previous dates was the actor Jason Lewis; the couple shared their lives together for two years in Los Angeles, before their break-up in All pictures. Your email address will not be published. Quote 1 There's always something to learn. That's my ultimate goal. To grow and learn. I'm 5' 7", but my mom is 6 feet tall. In my family, I'm short. Fact 1 Although she is relatively tall at 5"7", she is quite short compared to the rest of her family.

Her mother is six feet tall, her father is six-feet three inches tall and her brother is nearly a foot taller than her at six-feet five inches. Her adoptive father Greg Dawson met Rosario's mother when she was eight months pregnant with her.

Her character was cut out of the theatrical release after director Rob Zombie decided to remove the character Dr. Her character was to be killed off within forty seconds of her entrance. That movie was Kids Rosario's mother, Isabel Celeste, is a writer and professional vocalist, who has Puerto Rican and Afro-Cuban ancestry.

Rosario's biological father's name is Patrick C. Rosario's mother married Greg Dawson, a caucasian construction worker who raised Rosario and gave her his surname. Sin City as Gail. Seven Pounds as Emily Posa. Death Proof as Abernathy. Grindhouse as Abernathy segment "Death Proof". Tags Tags. Related Articles. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Joe Faris of Bloomfield Hills is a fashion designer showing his new Dodge-inspired couture line at Fashion in Detroit, returning for its fourth year at the MotorCity Casino.

Gram Parsons Tribute Does The Country-Rock Pioneer Proud

Photo courtesy shaneglenn. Photo by Dan Lippitt. Since then, he has been back home in Oakland County working on his own designs and bringing the works of local designers into the spotlight. In previous years, the show has been a mixture of professional and student designs, but Faris says this year the focus is on local, up-and-coming designers.

Faris refers to his design aesthetic as industrial couture, pulling his inspiration for the line from the materials used in the cars themselves.

The event runs from 4 p. It begins with Market Detroit, a pop-up shop in a retail environment featuring local designers, retailers, vendors and entrepreneurs; plus and Up and Coming Local Runway, featuring Michael Kawa, CariLynn Anderson-Battle and more. Both will be open 4 to 10 p.

From 7 to p. Next up, to p.

trybe tv guide

Tickets for the show and after party are separate. A portion of proceeds will benefit local charities. Toggle navigation. Hot Topics:. Close 1 of 2. Most Popular. Articles Images Videos Articles Second chance wasted?

Man charged with recent Pontiac murder killed father at 15, avoided prison Man thrown from motorcycle in fatal Oxford Township crash OU fires Eric Wuestenberg, man involved in racially-charged gun incident Roads, freeway interchanges closing Saturday for Palace of Auburn Hills implosion Waterford beaches reopened; new closure announced Virtual academies launching in school districts across Oakland County Rapper Obie Trice sentenced to Oakland County Jail for gun crime Renters and landlords feeling effects of COVID, payment plans an option with evictions on hold Amazon facilities taking shape in Pontiac, distribution center nears completion Gleaners Community Food Bank works to give every child a hunger free summer.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. They won the national rugby championship 20 times and finished second five times in 36 years. They are to American rugby what Mac is to gadgets. Remember them? They were the team started by Larry Gelwix, a local businessman and seminary teacher turned coach who began with six players, only one of which had any discernible athletic ability. He and his assistants developed a culture that espoused respect, integrity, hard work, commitment, brotherhood and beating the snot out of opponents but then helping them up, thank you.

They changed young men's lives. It's a complete mystery. Well, until you call Jeramy Evans, a former Gelwix assistant coach and player. He can explain what happened — and then it's still a mystery. It was his labor of love, his baby. He had built it from the ground up, piece by piece. It had consumed more than half his life. It had taken most of his free time for almost four decades. Who could run it as well as he had? Who could he entrust the club to? No one, it turns out. He and the Highland board of directors voted to end it.

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Highland Rugby is now a foundation; there is no Highland team. If that doesn't make sense, let Evans try to explain it. It's different. We don't understand. Part of it is pride. Larry created something great. He didn't want someone to ruin it. But I don't really know why he did it this way. No one knows.

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Evans continues: "It had to end someday, but he loved it so much that he didn't know how to say he had to go. Finally the day came, and he couldn't divorce himself from it. It's very difficult to understand, but I believe he just had a hard time letting go. He and his wife had been doing it for 36 years, and it's a lot of work. You sacrifice hours during the week and your weekends and you're constantly thinking about it the rest of the time. He was ready to be done with it and this was how he did it.

As a foundation, the club will donate any money that it generates via donations or the movie, etc. As a club, the team has moved on — to another team. The club fielded kids and three teams this past season.In addition to Nollywood movies, it also airs original series and short films, behind the scene from movie sets, red carpet events such as the African Movie Academy Awards and interviews with stakeholders in the movie industry.

It is available only in Nigeria soon as it was launched which expansion to other countries in the year. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. OnTV Nigeria. Categories : Movie channels Mass media in Nigeria Television channels and stations established in English-language television stations Television stations in Lagos.

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